Just have questions?



You’ve already prepared your tax return and are ready to send it off.  There’s just one little thing you are not sure about… just one little thing…  Do you scrap the whole thing and take it to a professional?

That’s one option, and an option I like!  But another option would be to ask for help.

For a reasonable fee I will help you with part of your tax return.   Of course the fee depends on how much help you really need.

Reasons you might need help

  • You have a quick question.

  • You need help with an entire form, schedule or concept.

  • You want to know if you can deduct something.

  • You don’t understand why you are not able to take a deduction you were able to claim in the past.

  • You prepared your tax return, but the results are not what you expected to see at all!

  • Question about new tax laws.

Set up a Virtual Appointment to get started.  Let me know that you ‘Just have questions’ and provide a general description of your situation.


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